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Private Onsen Spa

Enjoy a relaxing hot bath with a 132,000 sqm panoramic view of the mountain forest
Luxurious private open-air hot spring and a private space of the hot stone spa.

20% OFF if reserved with our 160th Anniversary Room Plan

Japanese-Style: Gingetsu

A space made of natural materials as if you are in a thatched hut in the mountain. Enjoy views of a 132,000 sqm forest while soaking in the open-air hot spring. It soothes both physical and mental fatigue. 

Open hours (reservations required):
① 15:00~ / ② 16:45~ /
③ 20:30~ / ④ 7:30~

Balinese-Style: FU-RO

With the back ground of the gloss of the bamboo and the calm room, the sound of the flowing water disappears into the mountain forest. Please enjoy the exotic Balinese atmosphere.

Open hours (reservations required):
① 15:30~ / ② 17:15~ /
③ 21:00~ / ④ 7:30~

Chinese-Style: Rinsen

Enjoy the nostalgic simple texture of the brick wall while feeling the breeze of the forest. Refresh with the greenery & nature when spending your comfortable and elegant time in a quiet atmosphere.

Open hours (reservations required):
① 16:00~ / ② 17:45~ /
③ 21:30~ / ④ 7:30~

Complimentary Items

Bath towel, Rock sauna clothes (adult), mineral water, sparkling wine.


*Not recommended for guests with: heart conditions, high blood pressure, acute conditions, pregnant, menstruating, sensitive skin or under the influence of alcohol
*Please refrain from bringing food and drink.


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