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Sanpou Nishimuraya is the new Japanese-style restaurant of Nishimuraya, located next to Nishimuraya Honkan in the heart of Kinosaki Onsen. Sanpou is proud to feature original cuisine cooked from ingredients sourced from local providers. At the center of the restaurant is a large open-kitchen built around a Japanese “irori” cooking hearth.

“You can find fabulous ingredients such as snow crab and Tajima beef in Tajima region, a place surrounded by sea and mountains. Thanks to the efforts of local farmers, you can also find the native and pure bred vegetables that are rarely seen nowadays. We hope that you can enjoy the cuisine the local atmosphere by the charcoal fire.”

-Head Chef, Shinnichi Nakayasu

160th Anniversary Plan「Matsuzuru」


*Smoked Local fresh fish
*Grilled Sweet sea bream
*Akabana Soba noodles
*Charcoal grilled Tajima beef
*And other 4 dishes

*Cuisine and dishes may vary according to season.


Sanpou Nishimuraya Head Chef-Mr. Shinichi Nakayasu

・2002 Joined Nishimuraya group. Worked in Nishimuraya Honkan & Shogetsutei
・2015 Worked in Rihga Roya Hotels, Osaka
・2018 After training in Tokyo, promoted to head chef in Sanpou Nishimuraya (up to now)

Sanpou Nishimuraya on the main street of Kinosaki Onsen

Seasonal Appetizers of a Course Dinner Menu

Three Types of Seasonal Sake(s)

Dinner Course Menu Dishes

Sanpou Nishimuraya Guest Lounge

Sanpou Nishimuraya Souvenir Shop 

Halfboard Room & Sanpou Meal Plan Sample Rates

Honkan Price
2 guests staying in room: 38,500 JPY~ / guest / night
3 guests staying in room: 34,100 JPY~ / guest / night
4 guests staying in room: 29,700 JPY~ / guest / night

Shogetsutei Price
2 guests staying in room: 33,000 JPY~ / guest / night
3 guests staying in room: 30,800 JPY~ / guest / night
4 guests staying in room: 28,600 JPY~ / guest / night

* Rates quoted include 10% consumption tax.
* Rates quoted for non-Saturday, non-Holiday rate days.
* Honkan room type: Traditional Room
* Shogetsutei room type: Japanese-Style: Superior Room
* Other room types available, try booking online or contact us for details. 

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