Go To Travel Campaign

For residents of Japan ONLY.

“Go To Travel”

The government of Japan has launched a special campaign called “Go To Travel”, offering a discount of up to 14,000 JPY / person / per night on applicable lodging fees.

An additional benefit of up to 6,000 JPY per person, per night in vouchers to be used for spending at Kinosaki Onsen is also available. This is called the “local coupon”.

The campaign can be enjoyed by all residents of Japan, regardless of nationality. The campaign is not available to those residing outside of Japan.

IMPORTANT: The Go To Travel Campaign has been temporarily paused from Dec. 28 2020. Announcement of when resumption will occur and other details is forthcoming.

Reservations made on our web site or directly via e-mail, phone or chat that later are applicable for Go To Travel campaign: the discount will be applied for on behalf of the guest by Nishimuraya.

last updated: March 10, 2021

How to book?

Book any stay plan from our official booking pages. If your stay date later becomes eligible for the Go To Travel discount, Nishimuraya will apply for the discount on your behalf.

NOTE: please book with onsite payment (payment at the hotel) / the exact restart date of Go To Travel and if any changes will be made to the discount amounts is still unknown / Go Travel is applicable to residents of Japan ONLY.

If you have already made your reservation, please contact us directly (global@nishimuraya.ne.jp) for assistance.


Q: What is the "Go To" campaign?
As a response to the economic impact on the tourism & hospitality industry due to the corona virus, the government of Japan is initiating a series of campaigns under the slogan “Go To” to encourage domestic spending.

“Go To Travel” is the name of the specific campaign targeted towards travel which involves staying overnight. For applicable travel expenses, a discount is provided.

Q: When will the "Go To" campaign start again?
The restart date for Go To Travel is currently under consideration and no official announcement has been made. A state of emergency remains in effect for Tokyo and some surrounding prefectures as of March 10th. It seems likely that Go To Travel resumption will not be announced until after the state of emergency has been lifted.

Q: How much is the discount?
Half of the applicable travel expense is discounted up to a maximum of 20,000 JPY per person, per night. 70% of the discount is in the form of a travel coupon. Remaining 30% of the discount is in the form of local coupons which can be used at applicable locations within the applicable travel area.

Example 1:
40,000 JPY lodging fee
40,000 x 50% x 70% = 14,000 JPY travel coupon (discount on lodging fee)
40,000 x 50% x 30% = 6,000 JPY in local coupons

Example 2:
20,000 JPY lodging fee
20,000 x 50% x 70% = 7,000 JPY travel coupon (discount on lodging fee)
40,000 x 50% x 30% = 3,000 JPY in local coupons

Example 3:
60,000 JPY lodging fee
20,000 (max limit) x 70% = 14,000 JPY travel coupon (discount on lodging fee)
20,000 (max limit) x 30% = 6,000 JPY in local coupons

NOTE: details of discount including the amounts may be subject to change upon resumption of the Go To Travel campaign.

Q: How do I make a reservation at Nishimuraya Honkan or Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei with Go To Campaign?
Book directly with Nishimuraya on either our web site, by e-mail, phone (English speaking staff available), or chat. If your stay date is applicable for Go To Travel, Nishimuraya will apply for the discount and local coupon on your behalf.

When reserving, please select “onsite payment” which is payment at the hotel. If Go To Travel is applicable you will pay your lodging fees with the discount taken out. Nishimuraya accepts major credit cards and JPY cash for payment onsite.

Q: You say "apply for coupon", does that mean there is chance discount cannot be used?
The “Go To Campaign” is scheduled to end as soon as the budget runs out. The exact timing of when that will be is unknown.

Additionally, as the budget is divided up amongst sales outlets, regions, etc., even if the campaign is not ended there is a chance the travel coupon cannot be obtained. In either case, Nishimuraya will inform guests of the result.

To ensure you get the discount coupon, we suggest booking as soon as possible. Bookings made directly with us or by our web site can be cancelled free of charge up to 4 days before arrival.

Q: What information should I provide when booking?
The Go To Travel campaign is applicable to residents of Japan only. It is currently not applicable to residents of Tokyo Metropolitan Prefecture. When booking provide this information:

* Full name as it appears on your zairyu card (residence card)
NOTE: Go To Travel discount will be applied for on behalf of guest with this name, which must be confirmed at check-in.

* Your address in Japan, including prefecture.

* Your phone number in Japan.

* Bring your zairyu card with you and present at check-in time.

Q: What for & where can I use the local coupon?
If applicable for your stay date, the local coupon can be used starting from your check-in day until & including the day of check-out. The local coupon is stamped with a geographical area within which it can be used. In the case of staying with Nishimuraya, the stay region will be Hyogo. The coupon can be used in Hyogo, Kyoto, Osaka, Okayama, Tottori, Tokushima & Kagawa prefectures.

The coupons can only be used at shops & facilities participating in the Go To Travel Campaign from the local coupon. Inquire with the shop/facility regarding their participation.

Please confirm with the shop/facility about items/services which are not covered by the local coupon, but in general the following are not applicable:

  • Lodging fees
  • Gift certificates, prepaid cards, prepaid tickets, etc.
  • Change is not given and returned items will not be reimbursed with cash.

Q: I have more questions, where can I ask?
Japan Guide is offerring an easy to understand and regularly updated Go To Travel article. You can also contact us by e-mail with any specific questions: global@nishimuraya.ne.jp