Mountain Forest of Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei

Tucked at the end of Kinosaki Onsen is Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei, the largest ryokan of Kinosaki. Nestled at the foot of a 132,000 sqm mountain forest, visiting guests can enjoy the stunning & lush natural views from afar or even close up. The forest is a reflection of the 4 seasons that Kinosaki Onsen is blessed with. Rich green spring & summer, autumn reds &...

Nishimuraya Honkan

160th Anniversary of Nishimuraya

Nishimuraya was founded by the first generation of Nishimuraya during the Ansei era of the Edo period (the year 1860). We are proud to celebrate the 160th anniversary of establishment on Reiwa 2nd Year (the year 2020). Read more about the history of Nishimuraya at our special web site below. Nishimuraya 160th Anniversary Site  

Four Seasons in a Japanese Garden

Experience the tranquility and beauty of nature when strolling around our 160 years old meticulously designed garden. Lush with variety of Japanese cedars, oaks, evergreens and more. With changing of 4 seasons in Kinosaki, you can enjoy the contrast of the gentle greens against the backdrop of the autumn colors of the nearby mountains in fall, snowy winter, myriad shades of green, spring flower blossoms...